Every other day we hear another success story of someone making 7 figure income or living a luxury life. Most of them are either bloggers or some small business owners who have made some breakthroughs. With Covid-19 smart lockdown in place, we see their amazing coaching packages with a long list of happy and satisfied coaching clients that most of the time seem unbelievable. If you are a new business owner, this is how to get coaching clients.

Those top coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs have modeled their brands and build a list of surreal clients. All they do now is start a chain of emails in their sea of subscribers, and all awaiting clients’ start overflowing. One of the questions here is how to get paying coaching clients?

Now, let’s go over in detail how to get coaching clients here. Keep reading to find out the best tried and tested methods that top coaches use to win clients and become a new success story.

9 Untold Secrets to How to Get Coaching Clients

Secrets How to Get Coaching Clients

The road to success is rocky. With trips and turns on the way, there is always an effective strategy to get on the top. Most of these strategies are quite affordable and easy to execute, but all need some effort. So without further ado, let us start and take your coaching business to the next level:

1. Introductions and Getting Started on the Stage

For example, take any coach; their first steps are introducing themselves and telling people, “Here I am!” These introductions are to get people to recognize the expertise that you offer. However, at this point, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have accumulated over the years. You will always position yourself on stage as an expert. Either as a presenter or a host, these people will start looking at you as a person they’ll learn. You will look more attractive and smart when you start sharing useful info about their issues they want to solve.

How to set up a live event, you ask? It is simpler than you think. All you need first is to select a topic, choosing a venue, and just spreading the word about it. Are you worried about the budget? I got you covered there too. You may consider using free resources such as Eventbrite and Meetup, or you could join an already prepared event. Such events have timing available for additional speakers that you can benefit from.

To have everything work out for you, here are few things to keep in mind:

Nature of discussion:

Decide the nature of the talk you want to deliver before getting to the stage. It’s better to prepare beforehand some key points to assist you in your conversation. It should be relevant to something that you can change into a package for clients that needs further assistance.

Easy to Reach Venue:

Picking a good venue is a secret key to success. You need a platform where your target audience can easily attend your event. However, if you are an online business coach, which is very common nowadays, finding coaching clients is even easier. You can set up a signup form so they can easily avail themselves of an opportunity to sign up from the comforts of their home. On the other hand, if you will use an already prepared event, you only need to fit in a schedule, and you’re all set.

Over Promoting Your Event:

Getting the word out about your event can be tough, but it has gotten considerably easy due to online advertisements. Here, you do not want to spare any effort to promote your event, even how little it can be. Instead, start by using social media and every other available platform to reach more potential clients and tell them more about your upcoming event. Usually, telling them something to look forward to can create hype, and the word about your event can spread wider.

Clear Call to Action Scenario:

Most coaches make this one mistake when holding their meetings. They assume that clients know what they want. You may have heard the phrase “the movie we didn’t know we wanted” when discussing some unusual upcoming movies. It’s kind of like that. Therefore, you should mention to the clients to schedule coaching sessions with you.

2. How to Get Coaching Clients through Relevant Events

Before even taking a step to converse with your target audience, take a breath and think of this. If you get into the right event and playing it well, you get dozens of clients and high-quality leads. So isn’t it the best option to find coaching clients fast?

Here’s why, in coaching and consultancy, people prefer personalities they can trust. By demonstrating and sharing your expertise in a targeted event, you can meet face to face with clients, which makes it easier to build trust. Through this strategy, here are a few great steps to follow:

Identifying Targeted Customers:

Start by placing the targeted customers, even before you make your presentation. Establishing your target audience and what problem they face is what you can use in your production. Then, highlighting those problems and providing an appropriate solution is how you get your targeted clients to come running to you.

Carefully Assessing the Conferences and Events:

By carefully assessing all conferences and events in your region, you can only target those with the right clients. Since not all events are equal, evaluate all available events and participating in the relevant event will generate better returns for you.

Clear Message in Advance:

While getting the word out, make sure that the event’s message is clear in advance. Add a little detail if necessary. A well-thought-out message will result in more clients coming to the meeting.

Well Prepared Event:

If you don’t know what you will talk about, it will waste the event. So before going onto the stage, have something prepared.

3. Winning High-Value Clients with Your Phone

Winning High Value Clients

Using technology like your phone will assist you in your world domination… just kidding, but it will help you win clients faster. You see, those interested in your services will rarely sign the first contract after the meeting. The same goes for an online coaching business. Instead, clients will first evaluate how communicative you are addressing their problems and your style, how it feels working with you, and how effective you are?

When working on the best ways to win clients faster, another highly effective method is using your phone. Notably, those interested in your services will rarely sign the first contract after meeting in a seminar. Even in an online coaching business, the target clients will first test how articulate you are in addressing their problems. What is your style? How does it feel working with you? How effective are you? These are some of the things they want to assess.
Using discovery calls is a way to utilize your phone to win over your clients.

Here are few demonstrations to use the phone to get new coaching clients every day.”

Conference Service for Coaching

Today’s technology is relatively simple to start by setting a conferencing service for your coaching—simple services like Zoom, Skype, or google meet.

Scheduling Services for Appointments: By utilizing scheduling services to manage appointments, target clients can easily follow your schedule based on availability. Some software like Calendly or Acuity Scheduling can help you. You could even set up a page on your website to book discovery calls.

Call to action Endings: Since the call’s main goal is to convert the client (caller) to a real client, closing the conversation with a call to action is the best idea.

4: Finding Business Network to Get Coaching Clients

When creating personal circles, chances are you have already worked or know experts and affiliates that understand your model of operation. Therefore, you can tell your target audience more about your business, which will later help you prepare a coaching package.

What happens is, if your contacts are happy with your services, they will recommend them to others in their circle or network. Here you can make sure not to limit yourself to the contacts in your network but connect to extended connections on platforms like LinkedIn.

During the connection, personalize your emails so that it doesn’t look mass emails. Then, after reaching the targeted clients, follow back in a week to see if they have contacted you or not. It is also a sure way to increase trust between you and your clients.

5: How to Find Coaching Clients Using Your Business Mailing List

As mentioned before, using a personalized email to attract clients is the best digital marketing tactic today. The people that are on your mailing list are all potential coaching clients, plus they can spread the word about the services you offer. Therefore, you can leverage a mailing list even if it is small. However, with a longer mailing list, you have more chance of getting paying coaching clients.

For more paying clients, you can repeat the similar process you used with a business network. Here, connecting with subscribers can increase the chances of paying clients. Even if a client doesn’t accept your offer right away, they will reach out sooner or later for help. So make sure to keep your presentation as appealing as possible.

6: Demonstrations Using Facebook Groups

Social media platforms have become a big thing most business owners and influencers use to connect with potential clients. At this point, if you are still thinking about how to find coaching clients, creating or using Facebook groups can assist your hunt.

Facebook groups are particularly effective because people across the globe share their problems to seek answers. Even though there are sites like Quora and WhatsApp groups for that, Facebook is far more effective. Group post is also a way for experts to jump in discussions and offer ultimate solutions for each arising problem. By providing reliable, workable, and consistent answers, you will become the go-to person for that problem.

Being active in the group during the early days of the group will be effective. But even before that, you should know all groups relevant to yours. Then, you can be consistent in helping groups, creating a trust level among all potential clients by displaying your expertise. Similarly, you can navigate the conversation away from a Facebook group to discovery calls or private messages as your goal is to find potential coaching clients.

7: Writing the Best Ultimate Guides to Win Coaching Clients

Unless client sees you as their coach, you won’t get paid. That is why top professionals in coaching clients by presenting themselves as experts. One of the best methods is working on ultimate guides demonstrating their expertise and showcasing your mastery of a certain subject. The main goal here is to convince the client that “this is the best post,” so be as comprehensive as possible.

To be effective, you can study the target audience on different platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Comprehensively researching the topic and including videos and infographics you’re your guide is also a way to ensure success in writing better ultimate guides.

8: Using Videos to Market to Your Coaching Clients

Today, videos are a strong digital marketing tool that is the main reason most search engines have adjusted their algorithms in favor of videos. The same is the case seen on social media sites. Posting a strong and effective video will drive high-value traffic to your videos. In addition, thriving platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Encourage users to share their videos on their feeds.

Since YouTube is one of the leading video-sharing websites, it can generate much traffic in a short time. You can start by researching issues or challenges in your area of specialization. Then create a high-quality video addressing the said challenges and provide a possible solution. Just make sure that all videos use the highest quality camera for video recording. Here consistency in video posting is the key as you don’t want your video to get lost.

9: Freebies and Gifts for Target Clients

Freebies and gifts are a way to increase paying coaching clients. Not everyone will pay for their share, so some business owners give something for free to their clients. Because most clients will not miss freebies, there is a high chance these clients can become paying clients. The freebies can include some video, how-to guides, special offers, or even gifts.

When specifying strategies, it is crucial to make sure to test them regularly. The reason behind it is that some methods have a hard time generating good feedback, whereas some feedback generates good results faster. As the saying goes, “Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.” Therefore, the strategies may take longer to generate desired results but will work.